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Sand Animation Show is a live performance of a complex creative process, when drawn images are being created right in front of your eyes. Illustrations are shot from underlighted translucent glass (plate) surface by the overhead camera and projected onto a large screen.

Natalia Morozov is an outstanding international sand artist with the huge performing experience.

Being a professional scenery designer and a painter, Natalia combines everything from culture, music, poetry and, of course, magic. She creates wonderful, intricate and impressive works of art that emerge in plain view, be it a live show, a video clip, international cinema festivals or advertisement.

A  highly trained performer, a passionate sand artist and a painter  possessing  an extraordinary imagination and endless enthusiasm, using  special-treated sand and her skillful fingers, Natalia fascinates by creating miraculous, unforgettable and mesmerizing spectacles accompanied by live or recorded beautiful music, thus appealing and stimulating to the human mind  & soul.

Myriads of innumerable invisible sand grains by filigree touches are transforming into the true "golden star dust" of the Universe that give birth to vibrant and volatile images - something unbelievable right in front of audience’s eyes - captivates spectators’ imagination and creates a lasting impression.

Subjects on Old and New Testaments as well as creative work and biographies of ingenious people constantly inspire Natalia to create new bespoke sand films synchronized with beautiful musical composition arranged by her own.

  Having collaborated with theatre, movie, music video, concerts, commercials, live musicians, etc., Sand Lady Natalia  Morozov performs breathtaking shows  and plunges  audiences of all ages into a magical atmosphere of incredible images from her fairy inner world.

As a participator of international cinema festivals, a scenery designer in  performances and a teacher of drawing and painting, Natalia also performs  Sand Work shop throughout Germany and Europe.

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